Cardinal Sepe of Naples: “polluters” cannot present for Holy Communion?

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Wow, this seems really nebulous.  Am I a dangerous polluter, ravaging Gaia, for having six kids?

Polluters may not receive holy communion as they do not enjoy God’s “grace”, the archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe said on Wednesday.

“Those who pollute are not in the grace of God and can not take communion,” Sepe told journalists. [Wow, does the Cardinal feel the same way about fornicators, blasphemers, indifferentists, homosexuals, etc?  Mind you, the Cardinal has not just made causing environmental pollution (what of moral pollution?) a sin, but a MORTAL sin.  Does that mean polluters go to hell?  I better get to work updating the population of hell.]

His remarks came after cases of the local mafia burying cancer-inducing toxic waste around the city recently made headlines.  [What was the intent?  The motives?  Doesn’t that have a bearing on commission of sin?  Look, in all seriousness, if…

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