Physician-Assisted Suicide is Back; Boston Archdiocese is Silent

Boston Catholic Insider

In our next post, we will continue discussing the Pastoral Plan, Disciples in Mission, and the current problems and outlook for parishes.

Today, we discuss a bill to legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide, H1998,that  is about to come up for hearings with the Massachusetts Healthcare Committee on December 17.  This measure is much worse than the measure narrowly defeated at the ballot box in 2012. Ideally, it would be rejected in committee and no move on to a full legislative vote.  Mass Citizens for Life sent out an alert about the measure last week.  What have the Catholic bishops in MA or the Mass Catholic Conference said about this?    Nothing.    In fact, the Mass Catholic Conference has said not said a thing about any issue to people who follow their news alerts  in the past 9 months.  Silencio.  BCI questioned the capabilities and competency of the MCC head, James Driscoll, hired in…

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