Another member of the G-8 cardinals: “Church has never been against….homosexuality”

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Tancred has really done some good work today, digging up some very relevant info for all Catholics to consider and pray about.  The latest involves the Indian Supreme Court vacating a lower court judgment making homosexual acts legal in India.  The court’s decision means homosexual acts remain illegal, as they have been throughout the world for hundreds of years, until recently.  This decision should be seen by Catholics as something of a small victory.

But, a member of the group of 8 “super” cardinals advising Pope Francis, a Cardinal Gracias, was not pleased.  According to Asianews and the German site Katholisches, the cardinal claimed the following regarding this decision:

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai took a position: “No to gay marriage, but the Christian community is against any form of discrimination. Homosexuals have the same dignity as any other person….. ” [Does a law making homosexual acts illegal discriminate…

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