It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

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It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

I have really had it with this insanity.  I am sick of it.  Another left wing “Jew” to make my life miserable..

Zuckerberg wants to campaign for illegals.  He calls them “Immigrant workers.”  An immigrant worker would be someone who is in the process of becoming an American citizen & loves America-(Whatever is left of her)  This piece of garbage (Zuckerberg) has *NEVER* lived in a sanctuary city for illegals. It is hell on earth.  Its like living in Tijuana.  I lived in Salinas, CA for 15 years while taking care of my grandmother, right up to the day she died.  I watched our town go from being a nice, blue-collar, working town to a city with 72% Mexicans/Hispanics with more than half of them being illegal.  The other 15% or so being honest, decent people.   With the…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

    • You are absolutely correct! Pray we must and Hard. Reparation is needed if we wish God’s blessing again on this once great nation. Mark is a Typical Obamanist and it is disgusting he is promoting for BHO and his Anti-American Illegal immigration agenda. What is more disgusting is men who know better are cheering for the illegals, American bishops and the pope are currently promoting the illegal agenda and it is cause for outrage!! They are promoting ‘LAWBREAKERS’ and are asking the faithful to go against their conscience and open their arms and welcome these ‘Criminals”. Catholics in more than name know it is their DUTY to RESIST these Heretics who are clearly aiding and abetting Catholic’s number one enemy Anti-christ BHO! Pax et bonum.

  1. My best friend in the whole world was a strict Catholic, I loved her so much. She died 😦

    The Catholics that are with these insane policies are just LIARS and defame the Catholic people to the max. Ditto left wing evil Jews. I cant stand them, they are so wicked. Actually THEY are the sole reason I am always posting 8 hours out of the day.

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