Archdiocese of Baltimore cuts funding to group that promotes Planned Parenthood


  • BALTIMORE, MD, December 16, 2013 ( – The Archdiocese of Baltimore has cut funding to a local grantee of its Catholic Campaign for Human Development after Catholics raised concern over the grantee’s support for Planned Parenthood and the homosexual agenda.

CCHD reform advocates are praising Baltimore’s Archbishop William Lori for acting quickly on complaints, but are also expressing concern that the grant was awarded in the first place given that the group’s problematic associations were easily found on its website.

In an interview, Msgr. William Burke, director of Baltimore’s CCHD, said the Catholic agency had not reviewed the organization’s website as part of their compliance review. Asked if they will now be revising their vetting procedures, he said, “I guess we have to.”

A screen grab from a video by New Lens, which lost a grant from Baltimore’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development last month.

At the same time, the priest lamented the group’s defunding and the frequent criticisms directed at CCHD. He said the problematic activities he was aware of took place two years ago and that that does not mean the group is currently out of step with Catholic teaching. (See full transcript of LSN’s interview with Msgr. Burke at bottom.)

The grantee at issue is New Lens, a youth organization that aims to advance social justice causes through art and media. Baltimore’s local CCHD program awarded the group $13,000 in August.

The Baltimore-based pro-life group Defend Life reported in early November, however, that a quick viewing of News Lens’ website showed the organization’s version of social justice departs from Catholic teaching.

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