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Some orthodox Lutherans have some fun with Pope Francis.  It’s a joke, so don’t let your heads explode.  It is sort of a nice play on the exertions of many conservative commentators to explain away some of Pope Francis’ statements:

There is a little shot at the end at the true Faith.  The part about those believing they are justified by faith alone going to hell….well, if there is one notion that has done more to disfigure and render Christianity just about neuter in the broad scheme of things, giving rise to private judgment, the rank error of sola scriptura, and then rationalism, endarkenment philosophy, and the entire panoply of modern errors, I don’t know of it.  Faith alone is the death of reason and the previous 1500 year understanding and practice of Christianity in East and West.  And yet, Fr. Yves Congar proclaimed that Luther’s heresies were the greatest…

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