Do Stars Who Self-Destruct Bypass Hell Because They Entertained Us?

Last Sunday, as most of you know, the Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose. Strewn about the millionaire’s abode were sixty bags of un-used smack along with five empty/used bags of the “Ace of Spades”. According to the reports, those who discovered the dead thespian said he was found deceased with a needle in his arm. Not a pretty picture.

Later that same night, as the news channels began to report on Hoffman’s death, the various talking heads began to wax eloquently about how he was a great actor, a normal guy, who rode his bike around the neighborhood, loved his children and was an all-around good dude who was now “resting in peace.”

This left me thinking, “What the hell ever happened to hell?”

Did it get shut down?

Did I miss a Facebook alert about its closing?

Did it get defunded like ACORN?

Did Obamanomics also accelerate its demise?

Full article here:



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