‘Unschooling’ is in


More and more families are pulling their kids out of conventional schools — and it’s not necessarily because of Bill 18

Home-schooled students Daniel McIntyre-Ridd and Maggie Gehman rehearse for the production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. The cast includes 24 home-schooled students from 10 families

Dagen Perrott doesn’t care for science and sees no need for it in his future, so he doesn’t study science.

“It’s not something I’m built for,” said 17-year-old Perrott. “All my interests are very arts-based. I keep up with math that I think will be practical in my life; if I want to learn something, I’m capable of it.”

Perrott represents the “unschooling” faction of a movement sweeping the province. This year, 2,815 students are being home-schooled — a 17 per cent increase over last year. In all, almost 21/2 times as many registered children are being schooled by their parents compared with only five years ago.

Why the stampede to take kids out of conventional schooling?

Education Minister James Allum says it’s simply evidence the province is offering a wide choice of diverse forms of education.

He does, however, acknowledge parents might be pulling their kids out of schools because of their objections to anti-bullying Bill 18.

“The biggest bump (in home-schooling) is in the southern part of the province,” Allum said. “Parents are making their choices based on family values. If parents are making those decisions based on Bill 18, we respect their choice.”

Bill 18 contains a provision that if a student in any school receiving public funding asks to set up a gay-straight alliance in the school, the school must support that student.

Hanover School Division superintendent Randy Dueck said from Steinbach his division has seen its third straight year of significant losses to home-schooling, but that trend started before Bill 18.



Chickens come home to roost for Obama

Chickens come home to roost for Obama

Today’s quiz: What do Vladimir Putin’s aggression and ObamaCare’s troubles have in common? OK, that was too easy.

It is impossible to dismiss as mere coincidence the Russian Bear’s invasion of Ukraine and the continuing mayhem of the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, each reflects the full flowering of the policies of Barack Obama.

His chickens are coming home to roost, and what a mess they are making.

Obama’s sixth year in the White House is shaping up as his worst, and that’s saying something. He’s been in the Oval Office so long that it is obscene to blame his problems on George W. Bush, the weather or racism. Obama owns the world he made, or more accurately, the world he tried to remake.

Nothing important has worked as promised, and there is every reason to believe the worst is yet to come. The president’s casual remark the other day that he worries about “a nuclear weapon ­going off in Manhattan” inadvertently reflected the fear millions of Americans have about his leadership. Not necessarily about a bomb, but about where he is taking the country.

We are racing downhill and he is stepping on the gas. Will he stop before the nation crashes?

Ideologues love to dream, and some do it eloquently. Robert Kennedy famously said: “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Mario Cuomo, no slouch at dreaming, nonetheless offered a caveat, saying, “You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose.”

Obama hasn’t figured out the difference. Even more alarming, he shows no signs of trying to learn. In the ways of the world, he remains a know-it-all rookie.

The view from his faculty lounge has no space for reality. Anything that doesn’t fit the grand plan is dismissed as illegitimate. So while global hot spots multiply and the world grows dangerously unstable, the president still plans to slash the military.

His trip abroad last week further secured his reputation for historic ineptitude. It wasn’t that the trip was a disaster — it never rose to that level. His presence and his promises simply made no difference.

He failed to move the European Union toward a firmer stance on Russia, created bizarre headlines by differing with the Vatican over what he and the pope discussed, and got not-so-veiled threats from the Saudis about Syria and Iran.

He could have stayed home and not done worse.

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Man who shot dead 4-year-old girl while doing target practice escapes charges

Man who shot dead 4-year-old girl while doing target practice escapes charges after girl’s forgiving MOTHER pleads for police to show mercy on him

  • Zoie Dougan died en route to a Missouri hospital in October
  • The Christian County prosecutor decided early in March not to press charges
  • Reports say the unnamed 24-year-old man was was aiming at a pile of trash when Zoie walked into the site and was shot in the head

A Missouri man who gunned down a 4-year-old girl while doing target practice in his yard won’t face charges and has the child’s merciful mother to thank.

The Christian County Prosecutor decided early this month not to file charges against an unnamed 24-year-old man in the death of Zoie Dougan of Branson after her mother Alyssa Dougan pleaded with them not to.

Dougan said the man had no idea Zoie was in front of his .22 caliber rifle October 28 as he took aim at a pile of trash, pulled the trigger and put a bullet in her head.

Tragic: Alyssa Dougan's daughter Zoie, pictured, was tragically gunned down in October by a man shooting at trash. Even in the aftermath, Dougan pleaded with authorities not to press charges against her daughter's unnamed shooter

 Zoie died en route to a hospital in Springfield, reports News-Leader.com.

She’d been playing with friends at a home in Rogersville as her young mother and another woman painted a headboard outside.

 Meanwhile, the man next door had loaded his gun and decided to ‘sight’ the firearm by shooting at a glass bottle 70 feet away on a pile of trash meant to be burned.

In that moment, reports reveal, little Zoie took off running toward a swingset with another child. 

The next thing anyone knew, she was lying in the grass and bleeding form the head.

The man would later claim he’d closed one eye while aiming and never saw the girl at all.

Shattered peace: The pastoral scene where little Zoie was gunned down in the grass as she and a friend ran toward a swing set

Shattered peace: The pastoral scene where little Zoie was gunned down in the grass as she and a friend ran toward a swing set

So sad: Zoie reportedly ran into the man's sites the moment he pulled the trigger of his .22 caliber rifle, putting a bullet in her head

 After the women heard the shot and saw Zoie in the grass, chaos broke out as the little girl failed to respond to her mother’s calls.

‘This can’t be real,’ witnesses report Alyssa screaming when the horrific reality of the situation became clear. ‘Why?’

She also spoke words at the scene that she’d presumably repeat to county prosecutor Amy Fite:

‘Don’t let (him) get in trouble, it was an accident,’ Alyssa said.

Wrenching: Alyssa was present during the terrible tragedy and told police at the scene that the shooting was an accident

Reports say the man was distraught and muttered in disbelief in the aftermath.

‘(The man) was crying and emotionally upset as he described the chain of events, claiming it was a complete accident,’ the report said.

He also told officers he knew shooting at that location ‘wasn’t good judgment. I understand that.’

He was arrested on an outstanding warrant, but has since walked free.

While the man won’t be found legally at fault in the case, the report does indicate the ‘the direction he was firing the weapon was extremely dangerous’ and that he did it, nonetheless, out of ‘carelessness.’

Video: Sirico on President Obama’s Meeting with Pope Francis

Pope Francis has consistently rejected Liberation Theology and he won’t endorse Obama’s Alinskyite Catholic vision


In this short talk, Rev. Robert A. Sirico, co-founder and president of the Acton Institute, offers some general observations about this week’s meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis at the Vatican, and reflects on the differences in philosophy that make a Presidential/Papal alliance such as what occurred during the time of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II unlikely.



Silenced for Mentioning Jesus

First Grader Silenced for Mentioning Jesus.

OUTRAGE!! Not allowed to mention the Most Holy Name ‘Jesus’!!
A first grader in California has been told she’s not permitted to talk about the Bible at school. A teacher at Temecula Valley School told her first grade class to bring an object to school that represented a family Christmas tradition and then give a one-minute presentation. Brynn Williams brought the star that tops her family’s Christmas tree and shared how her family remembers Jesus’ birth at Christmas. “The star is named the Star of Bethlehem,” Brynn said. “The three kings followed the star to find the baby Jesus, the Savior of the world.” Brynn had planned to end her presentation by reciting the famous Bible verse John 3:16, but her teacher stopped her before she could say more.
Brynn’s teacher told her to “stop right there” and sit back down. 

Obama Assures Vatican That Obamacare Protects Religious Freedom


I see Barack Obama hasn’t finished lying yet!!

President Obama said he told Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin today that religious freedom is being respected in the application of Obamacare.

The Vatican meeting, after Obama sat down with Pope Francis, came in the same week as arguments before the Supreme Court about the contraception mandate and religious objections among for-profit businesses.

Obama told reporters that he and Parolin “discussed briefly the issue of making sure that conscience and religious freedom was observed in the context of applying the law.”

“And I explained to him that most religious organizations are entirely exempt. Religiously affiliated hospitals or universities or NGOs simply have to attest that they have a religious objection, in which case they are not required to provide contraception although that employees of theirs who choose are able to obtain it through the insurance company,” the president haltingly continued.

“And I pledged to continue to dialogue with the U.S. Conference of Bishops to make sure that we can strike the right balance, making sure that not only everybody has healthcare but families, and women in particular, are able to enjoy the kind of healthcare coverage that the ACA offers, but that religious freedom is still observed.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops filed an amicus brief in support of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood at the end of January.

The USCCB wrote in the brief that it opposes “any rule that would require faithful Catholics and other religiously motivated business owners to choose between providing coverage for products and speech that violate their religious beliefs, and exposing their businesses to devastating penalties.” These penalties include “potentially fatal fines” of $100 a day per affected individual.

Frequently pausing and carefully choosing his words, Obama said he and the pontiff talked about “issues of the poor, the marginalized, those without opportunity, and growing inequality” as well as “the challenges of conflict and how elusive peace is around the world.”

“I think the theme that stitched our conversation together was a belief that in politics and in life the quality of empathy, the ability to stand in somebody else’s shoes and to care for someone even if they don’t look like you or talk like you or share your philosophy — that that’s critical. It’s the lack of empathy that makes it very easy for us to plunge into wars,” Obama said. “It’s the lack of empathy that allows us to ignore the homeless on the streets.  And obviously central to my Christian faith is a belief in treating others as I’d have them treat me. And what’s I think created so much love and excitement for His Holiness has been that he seems to live this, and shows that joy continuously.”