‘Son of God’ Debuts Second in Box Office


Personally, I would not waste my time or my money going to see some watered-down version of ‘Son of God’.  The Passion of the Christ as difficult it is to watch is not watered-down. Predictably Hollywood releases ‘Son Of God’ just in time for Lent.  Hollywood is trying to outdo the Passion of the Christ, it was a very Controversial movie and we can’t be having that! Jesus is very Controversial, especially among the Hollywood elite.  Also, it is Always Best to Avoid CINO producers, such as in this case. 

(Charisma News) – Non-Stop, a thriller starring Liam Neeson as a U.S. air marshal trying to stop a string of murders on an international flight, collected $30 million in ticket sales to soar into the lead at the domestic box office.

It swept the week’s other new film,Son of God, into second place with $26.5 million in sales during a strong box office weekend which coincided with Sunday’s bestowing of its annual Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest night.

Son of God is based on The Bible television miniseries produced by Survivor producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey.

The Lego Movie, which led the box office for three consecutive weeks, was third in ticket sales at U.S. and Canadian theaters with $21 million, according to studio estimates compiled by tracking firm Rentrak.

Non-Stop is the latest film to feature Neeson in an action role, following his hit thriller Taken 2 in 2012.

The voice of the 61-year-old Irish former amateur boxing champion is also featured in the animated Lego Movie, which “stars” characters based on the colorful plastic toy blocks.

That has racked up nearly $210 million at the box office since its Feb. 7 release.

Son of God, which stars Portuguese actor and former model Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ, features scenes not used in the History Channel miniseries that was nominated for three Emmy nominations.

Continue reading – http://www.charismanews.com/culture/42988-son-of-god-debuts-second-in-box-office


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