Is Suor Cristina catholic?


When Suor Cristina made her first appearance on The Voice of Italy, she squealed in a very high pitch while giving the hand sign of the devil’s horns.  Promotional material from The Voice of Italywith Suor Cristina has recently come out with her paying homage to the Indian goddess of Kali. Kali is the goddess of empowerment and time & change.  She is also, the mother goddess and the consort of Shiva.  Sticking one’s tongue out became popular due to the logo of the Rolling Stones.  The logo is known as the “Tongue and Lip Design” and was created by graphic designer John Pasche.  It is, 

“an ovation to the Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess of everlasting energy, and glorifies the strength of free expression in rock ‘n’ roll music. The Rolling Stones logo stands out from the rest of the rock band logos due to its mirth, uniqueness, and the way it brings out the emotions while listening to the music.” 



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