Unable to Oust Archbishop Myers Over Old Abuse Claims

Unable to Oust Archbishop Myers Over Old Abuse Claims, New Jersey Star-Ledger and Church Cranks Now Attack Him Over His Retirement Residence to Further Their Grudge Match

Mark Mueller : Archbishop John J. Myers : Bob Hoatson : NJ Star-Ledger

Archbishop John J. Myers (c) under attack from the usual suspects:
New Jersey Star-Ledger ace reporter Mark Mueller (l) and angry ex-priest Bob Hoatson (r)

 Bergoglio has said and done nothing. Why?? Where is the humility in the Catholic clergy today??


(The Media Report) –  Last year, the reporting from the New Jersey Star-Ledger about Newark Archbishop John J. Myers and his handling of decades-old abuse cases was so bad that the paper was forced toissue a correction and admit to its numerous errors.

Now, after the paper’s attempt to oust the Catholic bishop failed, the paper is desperately trying to roil up anger over renovation work at a residence in which Myers will eventually live during his upcoming retirement in 2016.

Just the facts, ma’am

The Star-Ledger would have you believe that food pantries and disadvantaged Catholic school children are being starved of money in order to build a purported “mansion” for the archbishop. In truth, a recent press release from the Archdiocese of Newark completely rebuts these claims. The facts:

  • No parishioner funds or contributions to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal have been used on the project;
  • The renovations are being paid for by donations earmarked from individuals for that purpose and by the sale of an unneeded property that will also fund other ministries; and
  • The Archdiocese will pay real estate taxes on the property.

Some take issue with the expenses of the project at a time when the Archdiocese has decided to close some of its schools. However, while $145 million has been poured into Archdiocesan schools over the past decade, enrollment has also dropped nearly 45% in Catholic schools in Newark in the past 15 years. Thus low enrollment has made the closure of four schools not only necessary but simply inevitable.

The Star-Ledger’s not-so-hidden agenda exposed – again

In a recent article, the Star-Ledger claims that “22,000” signatures have supposedly been collected in a petition demanding that the Archdiocese sell the disputed property.

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Read more –  http://www.themediareport.com/2014/04/23/archbishop-myers-residence-nj-star-ledger/





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