Belgrade Pride Parade canceled


DIVINE JUSTICE… Gay Pride Parade canceled!!!

“Belgrade Pride” which was supposed to be held on May 31, has been canceled until further notice due to the catastrophic situation with the floods.

The Organizing Committee of Pride Week Belgrade decided to, due to the floods that hit Serbia, postpone all planned activities. Activists of LGBT organization are assisting in flood control and collecting food, clothing, shoes and they are using all available means to assist endangered population, according to a statement of the Organizing Committee.

Two aircrafts of the Emergency Situations’ Ministry have delivered humanitarian aid to Serbia, official spokesman for the ministry Alexander Drobyshevsky has announced.


( In Serbia)  –  “Two Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft of the Emergency Situations’ Ministry arrived at Belgrade and Nis airports. Together they delivered about 70 tons of humanitarian cargo,” he said.

 The plane landing in Belgrade delivered one power station, 10 water pumps, 30 boats, 2,500 blankets and also meat and fish cans, sugar, baby food and other necessities. The other plane carried five water pumps, two mobile power plants, 10 boats, 3,200 blankets and also meat and fish cans. In addition, two Kamov Ka-32 helicopters are on their way. They took off from Ramenskoye near Moscow and are flying via Gomel, Brest and Bratislava to Nis. The helicopters will be on their way for some 12 hours. “In Serbia the crews of Ka-32 having ample experience of rescue operations on the water will fly reconnaissance missions, evacuate flood victims and deliver cargos to inaccessible areas,” Drobyshevsky said.




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