Francis blasts ‘globalization of indifference’ for migrants!!!


Pope Francis reiterated his call against “globalization of indifference” for migrants today and said human trafficking and slave labour are “crimes against humanity”.

“The sheer numbers of men and women forced to seek work away from their homelands is a cause for concern,” the Pope said In a message to International Labour Organization (ILO) Director Guy Ryder, on the occasion of the organization’s 103rd session. “Despite their hopes for a better future, they frequently encounter mistrust and exclusion, to say nothing of experiencing tragedies and disasters,” The Pope added.

The pontiff stressed that human trafficking and slave labour are “a plague, a crime against humanity” and called to “join forces and work together” to erradicate the “globalization of indifference” that immigrants face in their search for “dignified work”.

“At the dawn of creation,” Francis said, “God made man the steward of his handiwork and charged him to cultivate and protect it. Human labour is part of that creation and continues God’s creative work. This truth leads us to consider work as both a gift and a duty.”

“Indeed, labour is not a mere commodity but has its own inherent dignity and worth,” the pontiff asserted.


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