Month of Sacred Heart of Jesus – Eighteenth Day

sacred heart christ the king

What the Sacred Heart requires from men

The heart of Jesus has given itself for us; his heart is the source of his gifts and favors. What does he ask in return? Nothing but our heart—heart for heart. It is truly wonderful that the heart of Jesus, the source of all good, ceases not to pursue man, and to require his heart. At one time he says, “Son, give me thy heart.” At another, “ Be converted to me with your whole heart.” Again, “Thou shalt love the Lord with thy whole heart.” Does then the heart of Jesus want any thing? and if it do, is the heart of man capable of supplying it? What treasure do we hide in this heap of dust, that Jesus should be jealous of it? Ah! it is that the heart is the first of all gifts, and that which renders all others agreeable. He does not so much consider what we give, as the heart with which we give it. He is jealous of our heart; a single devoting of it to him is capable of charming him There is nothing which belongs more to Jesus than the human heart. He is a war like being, who delights in obtaining victories. Now, nothing resists aim but the heart; when that is gained, all is gained. Hence it is, that he places his glory in conquering it; and when he does so, he makes it his kingdom, his heaven, his paradise upon earth. This heaven costs him more than the other; a word does not acquire it; he buys it, says St Bernard, at the price of his blood. What did he seek in the manger? What did he sigh and weep for, laying there on a little straw?—a heart willing to love him. What lid he search for in Judea?  What did he aim at by such labor and fatigues? —to gain the hearts of men, and make himself loved. What does he look for on the cross, and in the holy sacrament‘! What, in fine, does he seek, in presenting his heart to men, by a last effort of his love! —to secure their hearts; and yet he cannot find them willing to content him. He looks upon the earth; he considers all men; and out of this prodigious number, scarcely is there one who gives, who attaches himself wholly to his God. Oh, my Lord, how poor you must be! How am I not affected by your poverty? The compassion of your servants has led them to make provision for your poor. I wish to beg for you; I desire to procure you a heart which loves you, and submits itself to your empire. 0 man, Jesus wishes for your heart; it is impossible it should not give itself to some one, since it cannot live without loving, nor love without bestowing itself. Now, if it is to be sold, who can better purchase it than him who is its end, its beatitude, and its eternal recompense? And if it is to be bestowed, who better deserves to’ possess it than him who has made it? The world demands your heart to make a hell of it; the heart of Jesus asks it, to make it a. paradise. Make your election—take your choice. Ah, Lord! my heart is yours; I give it to you; why cannot I, with it, present you the hearts of all creatures?

Say thrice: Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.


Sacred heart of Jesus dying on the cross, Save me.

Heart of my Creator, Perfect me.

Heart of my Redeemer, Answer for me.

Heart of my Father, Govern me.

Heart of my Judge, Pardon me.

Heart of my Advocate, Plead for me.

Heart of my Master, Teach me.

Heart of my Pastor, Guard me.

Heart of my faithful Friend, Repose in me.

Heart wounded for my love, Receive me.

Sacred heart, retreat of afflicted souls, Comfort me.

0 sacred heart of Jesus, which hast been pleased to suffer for love of me a number of injuries and humiliations which I am not able to comprehend, imprint most power fully in my heart an esteem and love thereof, ‘ and make me eternally desire to practice them. Live, Jesus, in my heart, now and for all eternity.

consecration to the Sacred Heart



Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist, sweet companion of our exile, I adore thee. Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; Solitary Heart, humiliated Heart; Abandoned Heart, forgotten Heart; Despised Heart, outraged Heart; Heart unknown by men; Heart loving our hearts; Heart desiring to be loved; Heart patient in waiting for us; Heart eager to grant our requests; Heart desirous of being besought; Heart source of new graces; Silent Heart, wishing to speak to our souls; Heart, sweet refuge of the hidden life; Heart, teaching the secrets of divine union; Heart of Him Who sleeps yet ever watches; Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Jesus, victim! I wish to console Thee; To unite myself with Thee; To immolate myself with Thee; To annihilate myself before Thee; To forget myself to think of Thee; To be forgotten and despised for love of Thee Not to be loved or understood save only by Thee; 1 will be silent to listen to Thee I will leave myself, to lose myself in Thee. Grant that I may thus quench Thy thirst, the thirst for my salvation and sanctification, and that, purified, I may offer Thee a pure and true love. I will no longer weary Thy patience; take me, I give my self to Thee. I offer Thee – all my actions; my mind, that Thou mayest illuminate it; my heart, that Thou mayest direct it; my will, that Thou mayest render it firm; my misery, that Thou mayest succor it; my soul and my body, that Thou mayest nourish them. Eucharistic Heart of my Jesus, Whose blood is the life of my soul, I will no longer live, but live thou alone in me. Amen.




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