Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Nineteenth day

Sacred Heart - 40

The Heart of Jesus calls us all to Him

“Come you all to me,” says Jesus. Mat. xi. 28. How charming these words are,’ say’s St Basil of Selencia, “Come you all to me “I place no bounds to my promises; my heart is an inexhaustible source of goodness, which can efface all crimes. “Come you all to me, and I shall relieve you; the crimes, the wounds are yours.—the remedy, the cure is mine.” Come you all to me; my heart is vast enough for all; the sea of my mercy is boundless enough to receive all sinners who rush into it, to absorb, to drown their offenses. Come you all to me, for my word cannot be void; it is a net I have thrown out to catch and to shut up all men. What a powerful voice this, Come you all to me, which has conquered all the earth, and captivated the miserable to the yoke of faith. Come you all to me; come to my heart; children, come you all to the heart of Jesus; the tenderest mother has not so much tenderness for you, as this heart. Old persons, come to the heart of Jesus; it “will renew your youth like that of the eagle.” Just persons, come to this asylum, and you will every day “advance from virtue to virtue.” Sinners, 0 yes, sinners, come you to the heart of Jesus, and “the garment of your iniquities, though red as scarlet will be made whiter than snow.” When shall I answer this call, 0 heart of Jesus? When shall I begin to love you? Alas l though I had done so at the first moment of my life, you would still have anticipated me, and loved me in a manner I could never repay. The most perfect friendship among men is that which they pre serve till death, and which they glory in dying for. The sacred heart of Jesus is a friend in life, at death, and after death; for it gives eternity to those who love it. Choose then for a friend, in preference to all others, this amiable heart, which alone will be faithful in death, when all things else will be taken from you; even when your dearest friends depart, it will assist you in your last combats with those enemies, who “ at all times lie in wait to devour you.”

Say thrice: Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Sacred Heart - 41


Heart of Jesus, perfect adorer of God, teach me to adore thy heavenly Father with thee and by thee.

Heart of Jesus, inflamed with love for me, inflame me with thy divine love.

Heart of Jesus, victim alone worthy of God, unite me to thy divine sacrifice.

Heart of Jesus, overwhelmed with bitterness for the sins of men, break my heart with sorrow for my sins.

Heart of Jesus, infinitely humble, annihilate my pride.

Heart of Jesus, perfect model of meekness, inspire me with that salutary virtue.

Heart of Jesus, infinitely pure and spot less, give me an inviolable purity of body, mind, and heart.

Heart of Jesus, full of zeal for the glory of thy heavenly Father, animate my heart with an ardent zeal for thy glory and my own sanctification.

Heart of Jesus, reign for ever in my heart, and grant me grace to reign one day with thee in heaven.

O sacred heart of Jesus, which hast been pleased to suffer for love of me a number of injuries and humiliations which I am not able to comprehend, imprint most power fully in my heart an esteem and love thereof, ‘and make me eternally desire to practice them. Live, Jesus, in my heart, now and for all eternity.


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