precious blood of jesus 3

A particular practice in honor of the Sacred Heart 

God continually bestows his graces upon us in consideration of the blood of his Son, and thereby makes us acquire immense treasures for eternity. But it must be acknowledged that by our negligences we every day suffer considerable losses; the greater number of our actions losing their value for want of a pure intention. We ought to go forth from this sad state. The best means of rendering our actions as meritorious for ourselves, and glorious to God, as it is possible, is, as Blosius recommends, to offer all our actions and good works to the most sweet heart of Jesus, that they may be purified; for it has so much tenderness for us, that it is ever ready to perfect the good it has placed in us. Our Lord himself often taught St Gertrude this practice. Once, among other times, he appeared to her, in company of St John the Evangelist. The latter was writing; he sometimes dipped his pen in an inkstand, which he held in his hand, and formed black letters, which signified the ordinary actions of the soul; and sometimes dipped it in the side of our Lord, and formed red characters, which designated such actions as were united with his sufferings. Profit of this instruction: thus, if you work, pray, suffer, offer all in union with works, and prayers, and sufferings of the sacred heart; nay, more, if you commit a fault, after having humbled yourself for it, go to the sacred heart for the virtue contrary to it, whether it be humility, resignation, patience, charity, and offer it to the eternal Father, in expiation of your offense. This is a short and easy means of paying your debts, the moment you contract them, and of acquiring immense treasures of merits. It was the habitual practice of venerable M. Alacoque. Lord, would she say after a fault, you see the harm I have done; atone for your poor slave. At night, place all your actions of the day in this adorable heart, that it may supply for their deficiencies. St Gertrude being one day greatly discouraged by the distractions she experienced in prayer, our Lord, to console her, appeared and said, “Behold my heart, the delight of the holy Trinity; supply your wants by it; offer it for all your negligences.

Say thrice: Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

O sacred heart, never let me be separated from you.


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