alphonsus when the devil wishes

Fourth means of being devout to the Sacred Heart – Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary is all powerful with the heart of her son.

She is the mother of beautiful love, and it is of her we should ask it. The sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary are too closely joined, and too much alike, that one should not infallibly lead to the other, with this difference, that the heart of Jesus favors more particularly the souls of those who are just; while the heart of Mary purifies sinners by the graces it obtains for them, and puts them in a condition thereby to be received into the heart of Jesus. The most abandoned should not despair of obtaining pardon through Mary’s’ intercession: she is the asylum of all the miserable, the resource of the entire world. Without a tender love for this mother of mercy, we need never expect admission to the sacred heart of her son. One day St Gertrude recited the Salve Regina: at the words, ‘ turn then thine eyes of mercy towards us,’ the holy virgin appeared with the divine infant in her arms, and pointing to his eyes, said, “ Behold the merciful eyes, that I can turn at pleasure on all who invoke me.” Let us then have a tender love for Mary, and we shall be soon inflamed with love for Jesus. This is the great recompense which she obtains for all who are devout to her. “All good comes to us, say the fathers, “by Mary. He who finds her, finds life and salvation.” Nor is it difficult to approach this tender mother for she anticipates those who seek her, and is the first to show herself to them. Yes; it is she herself who procures us the desire to love and serve her, in order to be able to enrich us with the treasures of which she is the depositary. Let us address ourselves then to Mary; above all, let us speak to her heart, the perfect image of the heart of Jesus; let us pray her to hear us by her immaculate conception, the dearest of all her privileges, and we may be assured she will not refuse us. Let us never separate, in our devotions, the heart of Jesus from the heart of Mary; let us honor and love and consecrate ourselves wholly to them. Let us present our petitions to God the Father, through the heart of Jesus, by the heart of Mary. Such was the practice of the venerable mother of the incarnation, foundress of the Ursulines in America. The blessed Herman Joseph honored the heart of Mary every day of his life, and received thereby most signal favors.

Say thrice: Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

alphonsus no true child of mary


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