Thirty-Third Mediation

On the zeal Jesus expects we should show in extending devotion to his Sacred Heart

It is not enough that you have conceived a great devotion to the sacred heart, you must also labor to diffuse it among others, this, if you love, will not be difficult the proof most unequivocal of love, being zeal for the lover’s cause. “He who has no zeal,” says St Augustine, “has no love.” The first means of exercising this zeal is, to furnish in yourself an example of tender devotion to the heart of Jesus; and example is the shortest and easiest mode of teaching. The second is to recommend and explain it to those who are ignorant of it, and to increase and augment it in those who already know it. The third and the easiest is, to pray this sacred heart to make itself known and loved, by those secret movements which enlighten and touch hearts. No one can excuse himself from employing this easy means. The saints well knew what prayer can do with God in zealous enterprises; and hence, they never failed to unite it with preaching, remembering “that neither he who plants, nor he who waters, is any thing; but God, who gives the increase.” It is related of a certain Jesuit father, that he never preached without spending three hours in most fervent prayer, accompanied by tears. A lay brother of the same society, being asked what means he took to gain souls to God, in his office of porter, said, “ I speak one word to men, and a hundred to God.” Let us then pray; and if our sins render us unworthy of being the instruments which Jesus Christ employs to make known his sacred heart, let us ask him to substitute others in our place. Let us conjure him to send laborers into his harvest, who, penetrated with the advantages of this devotion, will devote themselves to extend it. Let us pray; all is given to prayer. A holy soul having asked God, why, in this corrupt age, he does not raise up some one of those saints, whose zeal changes the world, in some manner, he replied, “ I am not prayed fervently for it.” Our Lord declared to sister Margaret that he would bestow treasures of grace, which it would be impossible to express, on those who would devote themselves to procure his sacred heart all the honor and glory they could; and he showed her the names of many engraved on his heart, because of their desire so to do.

Say thrice: Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.


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