Altar boys threaten to resign if girl servers allowed!


Altar boys put pastor under pressure

Altenau – From 23 boys threaten in Altenau 14 with resignation – because they do not want girls in their ranks.

When Hans Hautmann had pitched the current Church Gazette the parish association Bad Kohlgrub, he could not believe his eyes. A message that was read in Wurmansau the parish council, literally drove him a flush of anger in the face. “This is nothing more than extortion,” the Ammertaler says angrily. By this he means that what happens in Altenau: There, the altar boys who prevents a girl is picked up in their lap. True to the motto: Either you or we.

“All this makes me very, very sad,” says Pastor Rudolf Scherer. He would have liked let the girl in Altenau mini trate, but it has the majority of the 23 boys who fill the church there volunteering, not wanted. 14 of them had declared to give up their service, if the girl is taken. “What shall I do then?” The priest asks perplexed and thus illustrates the whole dilemma. “I’m really not happy.” What happens is the pastor, Pastoralreferent Andreas Haering and parish council chairman Christian Staltmeir have made public in the parish news. The text stresses that all “counter to its own convictions” done. All three therefore bow to pressure from the altar boys.

On Tagblatt request the youngsters want not comment on their behavior. But you certify the girl’s mother concerned to be actually quite nice fellows. “I know most yes,” says the woman who does not want to publicize her name to protect her daughter. As the Altenauerin stated that she knew in advance that their request will cause trouble. For the acolytes lock for years against female colleagues. Nevertheless, the girl was disappointed when it did not work well with her. “But you know it’s not about you personally go,” her mother says.

About the result of weeks of negotiations, the representatives of the Parish have informed the family itself.And the three top acolytes should explain themselves. “They stood in front of me and have rumgeeiert” says the mother. The Altenauerin emphasized, however, that she harbors no ill will against them. Even if they can not understand why they should interfere with a girl at the altar service. For everything else there but fellow clubs.



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