Novena to Our Lady of La Salette – Seventh day

Novena in Honor of Our Lady of La Salette

                      SEVENTH DAY

Who would imagine, O loving Mother, that man is so wicked and so careless about his own welfare, as to turn into a deadly poison for his soul what God, in His infinite mercy, intended for his salvation, and for his greatest happiness. And yet, this is exactly what we learn from one of thy maternal reproaches: “They go to Mass,” sayest thou, “only to scoff at religion!” Alas! How many Catholics are there, who keep entirely away from the church? And if they do go, their evil dispositions make them all the more guilty. How many poor sinners are there, who, instead of going to the sacred fountains of the Sacraments to quench the fire of their unruly passions, scornfully disdain these divine gifts and sacrilegiously profane them! Would to God that, with thy all powerful help, I should never defile my soul with a sacrilege! My confessions shall always be as sincere as I would have them when my last day comes. Henceforth my respectful behavior in assisting, at Mass, will prove my tender love and my profound esteem for this holy Sacrifice.


Attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion.


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