St. Athanasius Novena

           Novena to St. Athanasius

                     April 23 – May 1

                     Novena Prayer

Hail, O St. Athanasius! Model of virtue, most brave defender of the Faith! Hail, thou rock of the Patriarchs! Sweet-voiced trumpet, admirable mind, most persuasive tongue, axe that felled the forest of heresies and burned them with the fire of the Holy Ghost, most firm pillar and unshakeable tower.

O Holy Doctor of the Church, thou armed the Mystical Body of Christ with divine dogmas of the Catholic Church; Thou didst keep the faith O glorious St. Athanasius, and justly won a crown by thy labors. In thy flesh, O blessed Patriarch, Thou filled up the sufferings of Christ, suffering many persecutions, even from among those counted within the Church.

O God-bearing Saint, with the staff of thy teachings thou drove heretical wolves far from the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, Thou didst encompass and defend her with the fortifications of thy words and presented her sound and safe to Christ.

Beseech God, therefore, that by thy merits and intercession, He would deliver from error, perversion and all dangers, both spiritual and temporal, those who faithfully celebrate thine ever venerable memory. In particular, we implore…

        (State your intentions)

We ask this through Christ our Lord, And the powerful intercession of St. Athanasius. Amen.

                 Let us pray

O God, the rewarder of faithful souls, grant that by our pious devotion and commemoration of St. Athanasius, and by the prayers of Thy same blessed confessor and bishop, may we be rendered acceptable to Thy mercy and receive the gifts of Thy grace. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. Athanasius, ora pro nobis!


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