Passion of Christ - Champaigne_La_Crucifixion

Devout commemoration of the most precious blood shed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ



Never give up the ideal of a life united with God. Jesus now clings to His Eternal Ideal. When I am tempted to give up my old ideals of prayer, sacrifice and purity, I must plead with Him to raise these dead ideals to life.

“By the Merits of Thy Precious Blood, shed seven times, keep me ever united to Thee; save me at death from the agonizing memory of a wasted life.”

“There they crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, and Jesus between them.” (John 19:18)

Novena Prayer in Honor of the Precious Blood

O Precious Blood of Jesus, infinite Price of our redemption and both the drink and laver of our souls, You continually plead the cause of all people before the throne of Infinite Mercy.  From the depths of my heart I adore You. Jesus, insofar as I am able I want to make reparation for the insults and outrages which You receive from human beings, especially from those who blaspheme You and deny Your presence. Who would not venerate the Blood of infinite value?!  Who does not feel inflamed with love for the Jesus Who shed it? What would have become of me had I not been redeemed by this Divine Blood?  Who has drained it all from the veins of my Savior?  Surely this was the work of Love!  O Infinite Love, which has given us this saving Balm!  O Balm beyond all price, welling up from the foundation of Infinite Love!  Grant that every heart and every tongue may render You praise and thanks, now and forever! Amen.

Crucified, dead and buried  Cristo-de-la-Clemencia

Petitions in Honor of the Precious Blood of Jesus

Precious Blood of Jesus, shed in the circumcision, make me pure of mind, heart and body.

Precious Blood, oozing from every pore of Jesus in the Agony, enable me to love God’s holy will above all.

Precious Blood, flowing from the scourging at the pillar, inspire me with a sorrow for my sins, and a tolerance for suffering.

Precious Blood, falling in profusion from the crown of thorns, grant me a ready acceptance of humiliations.

Precious Blood, shed profusely in the crucifixion of our Lord, make me die entirely to self-love.

Precious Blood, shed to the very last drop by the opening of Christ’s Sacred Heart, give me that generous love which sacrifices all for God.

Precious Blood, sacred Price of my Redemption, apply to me your infinite merits.

Precious Blood, I adore You from the depths of my heart; I invoke You ardently, for You are my salvation, and by You I hope to obtain the joys of heaven.  Amen.


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