St john the Baptist - PIAZZETTA, Giovanni Battista

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John…

Outside the most holy Birthday of the Lord, we find celebrated in the Gospel the birth of only one other, namely, that of the blessed Baptist, John. As regardeth all others among God’s holy and chosen ones we know that that day is observed whereon, with their work finished, and the world conquered and finally trampled down, they were born from this into a better life, even one of everlasting blessedness. In others is honored the crowning of the struggle on their last day of dying life, but in John is honored the first day; in him the very beginning is found hallowed. And the reason of this is, without doubt, because he was sent from God to bear witness to the coming of the Light, lest when It came It might take the darkness by surprise, and the darkness might not comprehend It. Now, John was a figure of the Old Testament, and showed in his own person a typical embodiment of the Law; and therefore John heralded beforehand the coming of the Savior, even as the Law was our schoolmaster to bring us to the grace of Christ.

St John the Baptist -

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

John was in the wilderness, preaching the baptism of repentance.

The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. O ye sons of men, how long will you be dull of heart?  Why do you love vanity, and seek after lying?

Know ye also that the Lord hath made his holy one wonderful.

The Angel of the Lord was sent down unto Zacharias, saying Thou shalt beget a son in thine old age…


Thou, in thy childhood, to the desert caverns

Fleddest for refuge from the cities’ turmoil,

Where the world’s slander might not dim thy lustre,

Lonely abiding.

Camel’s hair raiment clothed thy saintly members;

Leathern the girdle which thy loins encircled;

Locusts and honey, with the fountain-water,

Daily sustained thee.

Oft in past ages, seers with hearts expectant

Sang the far-distant advent of the day-star;

thine was the glory, as the world’s Redeemer

First to proclaim him.

Far as the wide world reacheth, born of woman,

Holier was there none than John the Baptist;

Meetly in water laving him who cleanseth

Man from pollution.

Praise to the Father, to the Son begotten,

And to the Spirit, equal power possessing,

One God whose glory, through the lapse of ages,

Ever resoundeth.


april 25 - Virgin and Child Jesus with Sts john the baptist and mark -  BETTI, Niccolò

O glorious St. John the Baptist,

Greatest prophet among those born of woman, although thou wast sanctified in thy mother’s womb and didst live a most innocent life, nevertheless it was thy will to retire into the wilderness, there to devote thyself to the practice of austerity and penance; obtain for us of thy Lord the grace to be wholly detached, at least in our hearts, from earthly goods, and to practice Christian mortification with interior recollection and with the spirit of holy prayer.

St. John the Baptist, precursor of Christ, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, shining lamp of the world, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, angel of purity before thy birth, R. Pray for us.

O most zealous Apostle,

Who, without working any miracle on others,  but solely by the example of thy life of penance  and the power of thy word,  didst draw after thee the multitudes, in order to dispose them to receive the Messias worthily and to listen to His heavenly doctrine;  grant that it may be given unto us,  by means of the example of a holy life  and the exercise of every good work,  to bring many souls to God,  but above all  those souls that are enveloped in the darkness of error and ignorance  and that are led astray by vice.

St. John the Baptist, intrepid preacher of truth, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, voice crying in the wilderness, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, miracle of mortification and penance, R. Pray for us.

O Martyr invincible,

Who, for the honor of God and the salvation of souls, didst with firmness and constancy withstand the impiety of Herod even at the cost of thine own life, and didst rebuke him openly for his wicked and dissolute life;  by thy prayers obtain for us a heart, brave and generous,  in order that we may overcome all human respect and openly profess our faith  in loyal obedience to the teachings of Jesus (☨) Christ,  our divine Master.

St. John the Baptist, example of profound humility, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, great defender of holy matrimony, R. Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist, glorious martyr of zeal for God’s holy law, R. Pray for us.

O God, we rejoice at the apostolate of Saint John the Baptist, though whom we came to know our Redeemer and King. Through his intercession we implore…

         (Mention your request)

We offer this prayer to Thee (☨) God the Father, through Christ Our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God forever and ever. R. Amen.

Our Father

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Hail Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, Blessed art thou among women, And blessed is the fruit Of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

Meeting of Christ and St John the Baptist as Youth - DESIDERIO DA SETTIGNANO

Meeting of Christ and St John the Baptist as Youth – DESIDERIO DA SETTIGNANO


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